Interview with BJ Connolly: Understanding Autism Spectrum

Understanding Spectrum Autism: Interview with BJ Connolly

BJ Connolly, young and happy, is a successful Brisbane comedian who is getting more famous day by day. He has worked hard for success, but goes through life with a joyful perspective. This despite his having autism spectrum which includes Asperger’s Syndrome and ADHD.  In this interview, Rex Urwin, Mind Matters managing director discusses many dimensions[…] …

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The Joy and Spiritual Strength for Living: an Interview with Carmen Taylor

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Dealing with loss is one thing in which no two person’s responses are quite the same. For Carmen Taylor, losing her husband in a motorcycle accident was undoubtedly painful, but her responses are geared toward positive outcomes. The sudden arrival of news about her husband’s death was a shock, but well established beliefs and character traits[…] …

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Naomi Smith Interview: Surviving Breast Cancer With Powerful Choices

Interview with Naomi Smith: Surviving Breast Cancer with Powerful Choices

October is the Pink Month for Australia, the time to discuss and learn about breast cancer. It is also a time when women celebrate their successes against the disease, when survivors band together in common cause with those still fighting their battles.  In this October podcast, we were lucky enough to have interviewed executive coach Naomi[…] …

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